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About Ibom Music

Ibom Music is an online merchant that offers free/paid music promotion, music blogging, music download, entertainment news and much more for Akwa Ibom music aimed at creating a sydnegy in the Akwa Cross music/entertainment industry. Thanks to IbomMusic for solving the need of the Akwa Ibom State music lovers who before now have not been on the verge of getting such an opportunity

It is our delight at Ibom Music to take you music career and experience to an enviable height, giving Akwa Cross music lovers the reason to smile, enjoy and interact with their favorite artist. It is quite evident that getting the required exposurethe Akwa Ibom and Cross River state songs require for the upcoming artist and downloading your favorite songs, etc. is too expensive. We have come to serve you affordable way to be the next rated artist the world have. Ibom music in the music industries have come to stay. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of Ibommusic is to bring a wide bouquet of Akwa Ibom Musician and songs to the world through innovative technology and a world class music promotion and download hub that is driven primarily by having the upcoming artist in mind. That is what Ibom Music is up To.

Vision Statement

We are here to become the leading digital platform for latest music and next rated artist in Akwa Ibom and the world at large with an exceptional free music download and music blogging that is stress free and convenient.


More About Ibom Music

Welcome to Ibom Music Your number one source for all latest songs, song promotions and many more in the Akwa Cross Region. You can write IbomMusic as Ibom Music. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of latest songs which is a focus on our major characteristics, viz: dependability, commitment, consistent, loyalty and uniqueness in the Akwa Ibom State sector.

Ibom Music is a subsidiary of Ibom Media Consult founded in the year 2017. IbomMusic was born out of the desire to promote and showcase the Akwa-Cross and Nigerian artist to the world. Due to high demand of online music promotion by most upcoming artist.

We at Ibommusic having gone a long way started by helping some artist friends blog their songs and new single, now we are the best repository for music download and entertainment news. This passion for music promotion, music blogging and many more which flowed to doing intense research, and gave Sure-promotions and impetus to turn artist and music hard work and inspiration into reality by making you popularly in the industry which is flooded with many.

We now find solutions to the problems of intense music blogging in all part of the world especially in the Akwa Cross Region and are thrilled to be a part of the internet browsing wing of the social world.

We also focus on the latest happenings in entertainment, music promotion, next rated artist, music blogging, music industry and Many More.

Ibom Media Consult the name that houses IbomMusic stands out among all Nigerian Blogs not only for its beautiful design and easy navigation but for its loaded, rich, priceless and unique contents.

In conclusion, Ibom Media Consult is a registered company in Nigeria with RC Number, RC: 2423536363

Just as you have a dream of becoming the next rated artist, Ibom Media Consult strongly believes in you and can make you become the next popular artist Nigeria will have. We advise you to believe in yourself and what Ibom Music can do for you.

Having said thus we believe that the entertainment and music download for Akwa Ibom songs should have a platform where opportunities are given with less barriers to all Akwa Cross musician to connect.

Yours Sincerely,

Ibom Music